Forest Conservation

RE-AFFORESTING Proposal for Climate Change

During few visits to Jaipur to forest areas observed some high hills along the National Highway no.8,  few high hills of forest along the highway lying barren and almost  devoid of vegetation.

A GREEN BELT along the National Highway can  reduce the air and noise pollution, whereas these barren hills are  posing the disastrous look elevating the pollution along the road.


Projects as follows:

  1. Studied the fleecing of Commuters by Taxi and TSR Operators annually by an amount of about Rs.300 crores by tampering with the manual meters installed way back in 1998, initiated legal proceedings that led to installation of tamper proof electronic meters;
  2. Studied Pollution in River Ganga from Kanpur to Kolkata and analysed the quality of water. Issue was raised in Parliament and public Interest litigation was filed before High Court of Allahabad. The said report was also shared with the present Govt expecting actions in right direction;
  3. Participating  in Determination of Power Tariff in the Capital City of Delhi since 2000. Most of the suggestions with regard to Consumer Interest were accepted by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission in its orders;
  4. Studied road designs and also designs of the flyovers and observed that the Orientation study of the flyovers was never conducted. Despite having suggested the  remedial measures till date even on National Highways this important aspect is being neglected;
  5. First Project executed for World Bank was on Financial Health of Civic Bodies in Delhi and recommended introduction of Unit area method for property tax assessment – that was introduced in Delhi in 2004
  6. Studied the drainage system of Delhi having 1496 drains and had found that the entire drainage system had collapsed as early as in 2006. Report prepared by CHETNA was accepted and tabled in Delhi Assembly on 8th November 2006. Though the directions were given to prepare Master plan on drainage system, till date the same is on drawing boards with virtually no progress. Strangely the Civic Authorities had connected the Storm water drains with sewage drains consequently entire untreated sewage flows to Yamuna;
  7. Studied the concept of Regulatory Asset Gap concept introduced by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission and observed that the Regulatory Asset Gap of about Rs.32,000 Crores has been created without any true and proper “True Up Exercise” that to without possessing appropriate DATA by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission. The matter for disclosure of manner of Computation is pending before Hon’ble High Court of Delhi;
  8. Spearheading movement to plan cities according to Master Plans and instead of redeveloping it is better to develop helmet towns and new cities;
  9. Speerheading conservation of tree cover across Delhi/ NCR and neighbouring states;
  10. Highlighted Corruption in higher judicial system;
  11. Implementation of Right to Information and create awareness about the same;
  12. Enforcement of Traffic rules & regulations;
  13. Highlight gaps and improvements required in Public transportation management;
  14. Adoption of children to promote literacy at the right age and to the deserving children;
  15. Highlight challenges faced by a citizen as patient across metropolitan cities;