About Us

Even after decades of Independence, the citizens of India continue to face devastating challenges related to environment, basic facilities for a healthy lifestyle, cost effectiveness in goods and services provided under various state/ central schemes. The reality of these schemes/ facilities is worlds apart from what exists on ground vs what exists on papers, for reasons best known to the authorities entrusted with executing such schemes/ facilities, for the benefit of the common citizen. However, instead of seeking reasons for variances in desired vs actual state, the citizens had actually started accepting the shortcomings despite paying for them through various tax schemes.

In 1991, Late Mr. Vinay Gupta (CS, ICWA, FCA, FCS, LL.B.) and Mr. Anil Sood (B.Com, LL.B.), felt an urgent need to have a platform where the common citizen could raise his/ her voice against the rightful goods/ services/ facilities that they deserved as a tax-payer and a citizen. Together, they formed CHETNA (Reg. NGO), 'Society for Protection of Culture, Heritage, Environment, Traditions and Promotion of National Awareness'. With the sad untimely demise of Mr. Vinay Gupta, Mr. Anil Sood  strengthened the CHETNA team and carried on Late Mr. Vinay Gupta's vision by enlarging the scope of activities of CHETNA to encompass the environmental issues, transparency in governance and higher judiciary in India.

As on date, the CHETNA team comprises of several professionals from diverse fields and experts in their area of operation. The team follows the sole objective to Serve the Community at large. The CHETNA team, together and as one, has provided a large and platform independent of government interference, to the citizens for coming together and voicing out their difference of opinion against such schemes that are shown to be in benefit for one group, but do more damage to all the other groups/ parties involved, often neglected by the agencies. 

Since 1991, CHETNA has been instrumental in bringing causes to the attention of various judicial authorities and authorities under various state/ central governments, and bring situations under control. A few, but not limited, to success stories of CHETNA are as follows:

  1. NHAI issued Notice by NGT for Mandatory Greening of National Highways
  2. NGT directs constitution of Committee for looking into Water Harvesting
  3. Highlighted issue of substandard meters installed by the DISCOMS and suggested way forward
  4. Introduction of Unit Area Method for assessment of Property Tax in Delhi
  5. Highlighted rampant deforestation causing ‘Global Warming’
  6. Highlighted impact of missing Public Transport on Environment
  7. Exposed the fact of complete collapsed drainage system of Delhi and corrupt practices in de-silting of drains
  8. Committee on Petition of Delhi State Assembly placed the report in Delhi’s State Legislative Assembly
  9. Exposed the fact of untrained and ill-equipped Police Force in the country and provision of Sub Standard Bullet proof jackets
  10. Established  the fact of ‘Compulsion to be corrupt’ - Police Constabulary
  11. Exposed the nexus between ‘Judges and Lawyers’ in Supreme court of India as well as High Courts and addressed His Excellency Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the then President of India
  12. Formation of policy on Credit Cards by Reserve Bank of India in India
  13. Protection of ridge in Delhi/ NCR
  14. Printing of MRP by Distributors of Imported Homeopathic Medicines
  15. Commuter’s Choices "Tackling Urban Transport in Delhi"
  16. Tirade against rampant meter tampering by Auto/Taxi drivers to fleece Commuters
  17. Highlighted rampant adulteration of Petrol & HSD, causing Pollution
  18. Highlighted indiscriminate pricing of Allopathic Medicines and supply of Spurious Medicines
  19. Suggested Modifications in Master Plan for Delhi VISION 2021
  20. Participated in Public Hearings for Tariff fixation & Privatisation of DVB. Our suggestions on Rationalisation have been accepted vide order dated 16-01-2001
  21. Suggested the system for Consumer Redressal for Private power Distributors. Suggestions accepted by DERC and incorporated in notification dated 19th August 2002
  22. Challenged illegal allotment of Petrol Pumps
  23. Studied the causes of Pollution in Ganga from Kanpur to Kolkata way back in 2000 and had suggested remedial measures, that remain unimplemented till date
  24. Had taken up the cause of Protection of Asht Sakhi Kunds at Mathura in 1997 where the sewage was connected with holy kinds