Afforestation & Community Plantation - Bobas -Khushal Bobas - 480 acres

26th May is a read letter day for team SPCHETNA – the day our dream project of community plantation and aforestation took final shape.SPCHETNA.

I was accompanied by Mrs. Rashmi Sood, Treasuer SPCHETNA , Sh. Rajiv kakria – Hony Secretary, Mrs. & Mr. Shailandra Kumar Sinha, IRS, Principal Commissioner, CGSt Gurugram.

We have no words for hospitality, love and affection showered on us by family of Sh. Roop Narain Rundla Ji, Sh. S SinghPradhan, Sh. Heera lal Shastri ji and the other  members.

The biggest honour was inauguration of newly renovated “Panchayat Bhawan” by Mrs. Rashmi Sood, the eldest Lady Member.

After review of plantation program the plantation was kicked off by planting trees in Panchayat Bhawan.

The team led by Sh. Heera lal Shastri ji under able guidance of Sh. S Singh ji Pradhan and Sh. Roop Narain Rundla ji is working really hard to make sure that we update uo with first parcel of five acres of land parcel having drip irrigation and all facilities.