Indian Achiever's Award 2023 - Anil Sood

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Thanks to Indian Achiever’s Forum for confering this coveted award recognising efforts to contain pollution despite many stumbling blocks.

Although Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, when he became CM of Delhi, had promised to help me to make Delhi Green, which was forgotten. In absence of support from Bureaucracy or politicians, I was pleasantly surprised when I received an offer to afforest about 520 acres of Gochar land in village Bobas, tehsil Sambhar, Distt Jaipur. Two Gram Panchayats offered us two parcels of 480 acres and 40 acres. In association with my team members, we decided to undertake the Project with CSR funds, by dividing the entire land in parcels of 5 acres each. Despite inclement weather this year in May 2023, we have completed the plantation in the first parcel in such a way that the infrastructure – a pond and drip irrigation and can be used for watering in area of about 100 acres.

The concept of the project is to generate income from fruit bearing plants by selling the same in bulk to villagers at cost plus method, and villagers can sell anywhere at profitable rates. Whatever income is generated shall be ploughed back for afforesting further parcels of land.
Another aspect of the project is to encourage cottage industry to extract neem oil, bee-keeping after observing the flowering pattern because, honey of some of the fruit bearing plants has huge export potential.

Thus, with the help of this project my aim is not only to combat climate change but also enrich the local communities and youth by giving them better life, good earnings, raising their standard of living, and stopping migration to cities.

Now I have been approached by various Gram Panchayats to take up similar projects in their villages and I would with the help of well-meaning Corporate Houses in the Country so that let us give back to mother nature.

People very often ask me why Rajasthan? How did you land up in Rajasthan? 

I always say that repeated attempts in Delhi for saving parks in Delhi, I decided to set up an example for Bureaucrats.