Issues in hand are as follows:

1. Conservation of Ridge and Aravalli Range across Delhi/ NCR and neighbouring states, along with afforestation activities and adopting patches on National Highways for Mandatory Greening to showcase the impact of greening of reduction of pollution, accidents;
2. Advocating plantation and conservation of tree cover across Delhi/ NCR and neighbouring states to contain dust pollution, noise pollution and air pollution;
3. Conservation and restoration of water bodies in and around GNCT of Delhi for recharging the water table to show case the success of ancient system;
4. Highlighted real causes of air pollution in absence of National Transport Policy since 1977 across country and suggesting remedial mitigation measures;
5. Persuading Ministry of Railway to comply with the provisions of Rail Manual to green the tracks and surplus area to contain pollution causes by the Locomotive engines;
6. Researched on real causes of Forest Fires and suggesting initiatives to contain the same by rejuvenating the denude forest due to depletion of water table at alarming rate by installing Solar  Power Pumps to increase the soil moisture, grass, consequently increase the pay base so as to contain human and animal conflict;
7. Wildlife conservation and suggesting Solar powered fencing around Forest Areas to prevent death of wild animals due to electrocution;
8. Advocating removal of encroachments from Highways to make the Highways safe for all;
9. Researched on real causes behind Noise Pollution  and suggesting remedial measures;