Pollution - past, present and future

Many of my friends advocate that the present Govt is the best Govt and Gandhi family had destroyed Nation for 70 years. With due respect to all my friends I am neither in favour of BJP nor I am supporting Congress. Let me share the fact that is haunting each activist today that is can we pass on better universe to our future generations?

If I go to legal frameworks, most of Tiger/Lion Reserves & Forest Reserves were created way back in 1980.

The present Govt under the name of all-weather roads in Hills has chopped more than 7.5 lac trees brutally, despite the fact that hill roads were better and excellent on any given day. It was either corruption at the State Govt level where the roads became bad. Now the Cabinet recently cleared massive forest area for coal mining ignoring the fact that the destruction of huge Forests in Chhattisgarh & MP would accelerate ecological disaster. Aravali was at the verge of being cleared but for intervention of Apex Court.


The NHAI is felling trees left right and Center without planting trees that are mandatorily to be planted both 30 meters on each side of the Highway and also in the middle verge. NHAI is about to kill more than 33,000 trees only in Gurugram. Activists are fighting.

Similarly, about 50K trees are likely to chopped in Delhi, which would reduce City to a gas chamber for which activists are fighting.

NHAI has 24 x 7 online viewing of National Highways system. That being so why the Highways are not only in Bad Shape but also have become racing tracks for truckers plying in all lanes?

I am not fascinated by the catchy sloganeering by the political parties. I am not against any political person but yes I am a worried person because we all are supposed to pass on better universe to future generations, what we had inherited from our forefathers.

Just let us sit back and pose this question to ourselves and seek answers. Nobody can eradicate Corruption. It was there, it is there and it would remain there. Worldwide Corruption is at top level and does not impact ordinary citizens. In India Corruption has started going up from bottom to top instead from Top to bottom. Thus, we are heading for disaster.