My tiny pot at home: For every child can do precious

Every child learns in a classroom little as compared to what his or her tiny hands can work to feel and understand the beauty of Nature. Nature doesn't depend on humans but we humans can certainly learn to love the Nature from tiny age. A child observing the plants grow. A child watering the pots in school and home. It is one of the safest way to teach just the right thing. Doubting land's potential to teach is incorrect for the teachers and the schools. A smile spreads on child's face when he plucks a non- baked, natural fruit. Why would he still not like to eat the fresh fruits? Why would he still at a higher age not understand the tough botany narratives. Tiny hands create tiny beauties. Nature is not complete with a dog at home. Learning doesn't end with a cat sleeping on the lap's floor. Love begins more with plants that teach and make you see growth. Kissing of plants doesn't revert the kiss but you cannot deny that it encourages innocence in the child doing so. 
When you water a plant and sit in the shade of tree. When you see a flower and smell it being alive again. When you smile and the smile spreads in the total of the earth's green eternity then the heart says future is safe with these kids as adults some day. The nature will prosper with charm of simplicity. Youths do it. Children need to learn to do it. And when you care your parents learn your ways. When you kiss plants your teachers turn wise to natural laws. When you hug a tree the world of adults feels ashamed to cut the tree. You teach us. We learn from you. Innocent you are. As wise we stand safe near you. Love trees! Grow plants! Daily from the junior most level one hour be for nature as you love and dream. Water the plant! Kiss the  rose! Let kids rise as good adults rose! Believing in infinity is being polite to reality! Thank you for obeying your floor and being good to the roof! Best wishes spread like infinity through the way the teacher shows her love and life through the trees. May the green fruits we always eat!