Pollution - no solution - Thermal Power Plants - Part 3 - CAG 2022 Report Gujarat

I have shared the facts of huge pollution caused by Thermal Power Plants which is contuining to haunt the citizens and offering them to smokle Hooka free of cost free of charge throughout the country even in so called elusive “Smart Cities”, which exist only in Seminars and discussions.

I am sharing the CAG Audit Report on Pollution by Thermal Power Plants in Guajart for the year 2022 titled as “Chapter-7 Air pollution due to thermal power plants”, and conclusion part reads as under:-


Gujarat houses 47 TPPs units and its share in thermal power generation in national contribution stands at 10.09 per cent. As coal based TPPs contribute disproportionally higher to emission than emission due to industries, these TPPs are a major source of air pollution. These TPPs required the installation of FGD by December 2022, which is not likely to be achieved. Non-disposal of legacy stock of fly ash and non-compliance with norms on the utilization of fly ash caused fugitive emission. There is a lack of emphasis by the various line departments on use of fly ash.