Community affotrestation & plantation - Bobas - Teh. Sambhar, Distt Jaipur

Finally after weather becoming favourable, the Community Afforestation & Plantation was kicked off at Bobas with the all out support of Gram Panchayat Bobas in Gochar Land of 40 acres, in each parcel of 5 acres, under CSR initiative – first contributors – Mr. Uday Punj of Chimes Aviation Pvt Ltd., a prestgious aviastion training academy approved by DGCA and Interglobe Quotient Pvt Ltd., ( Indigo).

We have planted 600 trees of Neem and Karonda  on Boundary, Bara Masi Nimbu, Guava, Amla, Ber and Mangoe. The idea is to make Gram Sabha financially independent and enrich villagers by providing best quality fruits at cost plus method, retain 20% of income for futher afforestation by CHETNA, balance income shall be ploughed back in afforesting the balance area.

If we want to save Delhi Rajasthan must be afforested.

We have another plan to plant Mringa trees in another 10 acres this year so as to encourage villagers to participate in making Village Bobas self reliant by sretting up agriculture cottege industry to stop migration to cities.

We have another area of 40 acres of denuded forest near Bobas, which is to be afforested. Wer are sure once this area is afforested, it would lead to positive climate change