CHETNA (Regd. NGO) is a group of like-minded individuals with different professional backgrounds and different locations, but with the common objective of “Protection of Culture, Heritage, Environment, Traditions and Promotion of National Awareness”.

Since 1991, the CHETNA team, had been conducting research in various fields of collapse of Infrastructure, depleting water table all around the country, increase in pollution levels throughout the Country despite the relevant laws and enforcement agencies.

The team of CHETNA was shocked to find that the development agencies were developing cities without assessing the carrying capacity in terms of water, sewage, drainage and carrying capacity of the roads and maintain 33% Green.

At the same time, the team of CHETNA found out that, for reasons best known to the Statutory Authorities, pollution caused by Industry, Aircrafts and locomotive Engines was neither assessed nor addressed by the Statutory Authorities and the general public was kept in dark.

After conducting research and studies and analysing various study reports, journals and international practices read with National and Internal Laws governing the concerned areas, CHETNA had initiated proceedings before appropriate forums seeking judicial intervention.

As the concerned authorities have been unable to implement laws due to various reasons, the CHETNA TEAM has decided to enter into Memorandum of Understanding with State Governments and rejuvenate forest areas and adopt Highways for Greening, so as to set up precedent for others to follow, because solution to pollution of cities lies in forest areas.

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