Electric Cars -fashion of the day - problem for future - contributed by Mavra Muzaffar

Electric Cars are fads of the day. Every one is now advocating about Electric cars that appear to be the most eco friendly solution to the pollution. However, no one is really bothered about the power that these cars would consume and how the batteries would be disposed off. It is a setrious issue as shared by our colleague Mavra 


In India 60% power generations is from Thermal Power Stations. The Apex Court had introduced CNG for vehicles in Delhi. Unfortunately till date there are not enough CNG Stations. Outside every CNG station there are long queues blocking atleast one lane is encroached by the cars waiting for  refueling adding to much of pollution.

The E rickshaws havebecome other nuisance  and the disposal of the scraped batteries is a serious concern. Therefore, there is a need to take holistic view .