Team Hon’ble National Green Tribunal in view of the order passed earlier on 24th November 2017 as below


This application seeks enforcement of order of this Tribunal dated
24.11.2017 by which following directions were issued:
“3. We direct all the official respondents to take all mitigating measures for reducing noise pollution in terms of the report submitted by MoEF and as even proposed by these very respondents themselves, expeditiously.
4. The official respondents shall act in furtherance to the report of IIT in relation to construction of sound barriers, which report of IIT is accepted by the Tribunal. However, if any, variations are suggested and the official respondents consider it proper to carry out such variations on the ground of safety, security and height of the sound barrier walls, the same may be implementedafter discussion with the team of IIT. The sound barriers
should be constructed at the earliest and in accordance with report.
5. The official respondents shall ensure providing of a green belt around the boundary wall of the airport, while keeping the safety and security both in mind. The plantations shall be of the species which would only growt o the permissible height or would be maintained at the
permissible height only.
6. The official respondents may issue an advisory to all the airlines whose aircrafts land at the runway of the IGI and domestic Airport, New Delhi to ensure ‘judgment based’ use of reverse thrust keeping in view weather, length of run way, wind, and other attendant circumstances to
reduce the noise level particularly at the time of landing of aircrafts.
7. All the coaches/buses and other vehicles plying at the airport should be CNG and must comply with the prescribed emission standards. Non-CNG buses/coaches or other vehicles plying at the airport, should be converted to CNG within six months from today.”