Aviation - the un-assessed & unaddressed hidden polluter - courtesy - Mavra Muzaffar

I had been all along been saying that the Aviation is the biggest polluter. My views were and are supported by the Airport Manual 2010 developed by MOEF & CC which clearly admits that pollution caused by the Aircarfts gets mingled with normal pollution. However, the blame is passed on transport vehicles. The worst part is that the National Green Tribunal without  application of mind had banned 10 year old Diesel Cars and 15 years old petrol cars in the NCR and Supreme Court upheld that order.



When you have major unassessed and unaddressed pollution and not even acknowledged by the authorities, how can, citizens be blamed by them for dereliction and abdication of the statutory duty cast upon them.
Even Citizens are sitting back with folded hands waiting someone else to do some thing for them