Forest conservation - self sustained village development

CHETNA is undertaking a project at village Aidan Ka Baas in Tehsil Sambhar Distt Jaipur so as to make village a Model village, economically independent and self reliant by providing job to unemployable locally.

Initially an area of about 15 ha of duned forest shall be aforested with fruit bearing trees, herbal plantation and medicianl trees so that the villagers can earn their livelyhood and are also gainfully employed while working in the village. Once this project is completed CHETNA shall undertake similar projects else where in Rajasthan and other States.

The village Aidan Ka Bas falls in Jaipur district situated in Rajasthan state, with a population 858. The male and female populations are 455 and 403 respectively. The size of the area is about 3.56 square kilometer.