Citizens - people - do we really matter for Bureaucracy & Judiciary?

Dwarka Expressway though close to Airport is being touted as prestigious address housing multiple housing projects. Unfortunately, the Buyers are not aware about the exposure to all kind of pollution the occupants would have. The material information is being concealed by all the authorities.

Way back in 2010 when it was planned, it envisaged 30 meters green on both sides of the road so as to protect the occupants from dust pollution and noise pollution. The relevant part of the plan put in public domain reads as under:-

…………………This expressway, part of Gurgaon-Manesar  Urban Complex Plan in the 2021 Master Plan, will connect  Dwarka to the NH 8 and will have 30 meters of green belt on  both sides. Dwarka Expressway is an 18km stretch of 150m  wide road, starting from Dwarka and connecting Palam Vihar  and the planned SEZs in Gurgaon to join the NH 8 near Kherki Dhaula. The 150 m-wide Dwarka-Palam Vihar link is likely to offload traffic burden on the existing links - Gurgaon Expressway (NH 8), MG road and Old Delhi road. It will be double the width of the Gurgaon Expressway and is likely to be  completed in three-four years. Earlier, it was projected to be completed by the time of the Commonwealth Games but it seems that it will take a minimum of three years from now……..

The issue of mandatory green of 30 meters on both sides of the National Highways all over the India is pending before National Green Tribunal by way of an Execution Application.


Hon’ble Tribunal while passing order dated 21st May 2019 in EA No.29 of 2018 in OA No. 386 of 2016 was pleased to issue directions to Respondent No. 3 with regard to Mandatory Greening of Highways and encroachments space meant for mandatory green making it difficult to implement the policy. The relevant text of 19 is reproduced as here under:-

19. It can hardly be disputed that there is large scale  encroachment of Highways by constructions overlooking and even extending up to the highways, making it difficult to implement the policy of plantation. The difficulty is compounded by absence of adequate policy framework to prevent direct access to the highways from commercial establishments and vice versa. The issues are integral. Control of direct access to highways and plantation needs to be effectively planned and monitored. The affidavit filed merely refers to circulars issued but does not give the data of action on the ground. The concept of Sustainable Development is not satisfied by mere issue of directions without ensuring implementation on the ground with effective coercive enforcement regime. Compiling of authentic data with the help of satellites or other equipment is the need of the hour

However, while passing order in case of Dwarka Expressway, though informed, NGT has not touched upon this crucial issue and has passed order only on report filed by PCCF, GNCT of Delhi revealing cutting of 400 trees that were burried.

The issue involved was not only grant of cutting and transplantation of Trees but also of maintenance of Mandatory Green on both sides of the road as advertised. However on perusal of the second page of the order it appears that NGT had confined itself to short issue and not the real issue and core issue

This is one of the multiple issues that the citizens are faced with. How does the Central Govt expect the tax payer citizens to choke due to pollution being caused by its instrumentalities? how long and how far? Is the mandate of Constitution of India "is only on paper and publicity??

Today with deep anguish and pains I am writing this piece as a concerned citizen worried about fete of the future generations. The fires in Australia remind me about a film "Burning Train". I am sure as a nation are heading towards ecological disaster the way massive deforestation and destruction of Natural resources is happening.

Some how I alwats get a feeling that the word “People” used in the Constitution of India is just ornamental now and does not carry any meaning except for announcement of TV and Mike andnot on ground